Meet the Team

We are not your band!

At Lockbox Studio we are your recording team, a group of members assembled because we love music and expressing it artistically, through our beats, through the mic, and even into the camera.  Every member brings together multi disciplinary skills to the team. 

We are …

Picture this, one member will produce for you melodies, while the other helps you lyrically, all while we capture those moments and even share the process socially. Because the world needs to experience what it is that we are becoming!


The Lockbox Studio bring electricity to jamming. These guys bring signature beats to the mix with their array of cool ambiance and hospitality!
— Lucie McDern, Beatz Review


Leohaus graffiti at Kitchener's Studio Lounge, 2017



LockBox Studio was founded by Fatah Omar - a recent comer, who’s family sought Canada for refuge. Although his origins are from a hostile country, Fatah found peace through music as it provided him his sanctuary. 

Now his only wish is to produce renown beats with the truest intention for artists and like minded people to come together, collaborate, and express oneself with their melodic creation or lyrical artistry.



Fatah Omar
Founder / Lead Producer/ Audio Engineer

Romeo Johnson
 Producer / Videographer

DJ S-One
DJ / Producer